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It Keeps Getting Better and Better

Recycled Plastic Roof Tiles / Synthetic Roof Tiles

We’re proud to offer these outstanding synthetic roof tiles from the industries leading suppliers, including Distinction by Trimline and DaVinci RoofScapes. These are the finest synthetic roofing tiles on the market and are made from premium grade materials. A proprietary molding process is used to create tiles that look better and are far stronger than the natural materials. They are ideal for new roofs or as replacement roofs. They an be used over asphalt shingle shingles, as tile roofs and for commercial applications.

New testing includes the golf course: Multiple direct- drives at a driving range resulted in NO breakage!

Fire Rated: These lightweight roof tiles are tested and available in a Class-A fire rating, Class-3 or 4 hail / impact resistance, up to 110 MPH wind ratings and are suitable for new or re-roofing on all types of roofs. Designed and manufactured as “architectural grade” roof tile, these tiles are suitable for historical restoration, commercial properties, golf course properties or just to beautifully upgrade an older homes roof.

These beautiful synthetic roofing tiles are available in Synthetic Slate Tiles, synthetic Cedar Shake and the classic Spanish / Mission Tile styles. Products are available in popular earth-tone colors and can be formulated from a palette of 19 earth tones, offering a broad spectrum of blends to complement any home. For Slate and Shake, 5 to 8 different tones per blend are used to create a natural variance in color patterns, enhancing the realistic appearance and blending harmoniously with the environment

can be ordered in assorted blends of colors!

Our synthetic roof tiles feature a 50 year Manufacturers Warranty.

Using synthetic roofing tiles, roofing systems can now be built to be incredibly durable and meet all the green building requirements. With their extremely high breakage resistance, you can walk on synthetic roof tiles without tile damage. And job-site breakage is virtually eliminated. Cutting odd shapes is simple too: just use a hand saw or Sawzall — to saw quickly and safely — without the silicosis hazards of sawing concrete or stone tiles.

Roof Tile Installation Guides provide step-by-step DIY installation and material estimating details: Spanish / Mission Tile, Slate Tiles, Cedar Shake Tiles.

How Much Product? Try our Mission Tile Estimating Calculator Shake Tile Calculator, or Slate Tile Calculator for a quick online quote.

Synthetic Slate Color Blend Options:

synthetic slate roof tile natural color blend options

Synthetic Shake Color Blend Options:

synthetic shake roof tile natural color blend options

Synthetic Spanish (Mission / Roman) Tile Color Options:

Synthetic Plastic Mission Roof Tiles

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