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It Keeps Getting Better and Better

Recycled Plastic Roof Tiles / Synthetic Roof Tiles

We’re proud to offer these outstanding synthetic roof tiles from the industries leading suppliers, including Distinction by Trimline and DaVinci RoofScapes. These are the finest synthetic roofing tiles on the market and are made from premium grade materials. A proprietary molding process is used to create tiles […]

If you want to rely on solar electricity exclusively, how many solar panels will you need to buy?

Solar energy is one of the most important components of a renewable energy future. Your parents are considering installing photovoltaic cells, which convert the sun’s energy directly into electricity, on their roof, and have asked for your help. You do some research and learn that, on a sunny day in Idaho, sunlight at the earth’s […]

The Vatican wants to protect the Earth – Going Solar is now Christian/I think it’s great what do you think?

By FRANCES D’EMILIO, Associated Press Writer Tue Jun 5, 6:53 PM ET

Some Holy See buildings will start using solar energy, reflecting Pope Benedict XVI’s concern about conserving the Earth’s resources. The roof of the Paul VI auditorium will be redone next year, with its cement panels replaced with photovoltaic cells to convert sunlight into […]

Just another energy idea …?

If you already owned several tractor trailer trucks and your business might not always be as full as you wished, could you load one or more of your trailers with storage batteries, place photovoltaic solar panels on and around them and on your business’s roof to charge the batteries during the sunny days, and plug […]

Will EMP destroy PV panels?

anyone know will EMP or a HEMP destroy PV (photovoltaic) panels that are unshielded and simply mounted normally on a home’s roof? intensity? well say its from a HEMP weapon detonated over the united states designed to stop all electronics in the US, and I’m in that affected area. yes, no question.


solar power – any new developments?

the last time i asked about solar energy, i found out that even a square mile worth of silicon wafer photovoltaic cells won’t be enough to power even a single home. a few weeks ago, i read up on solar cells that are thin, bendable and more powerful than older cells.

if you fill the […]

What is the cost to install solar panels?

I want to install five photovoltaic 200 watt solar panels on the roof of a home in Texas. It is a grid tie system and all the equipment has been purchased already. I received two quotes from solar installation companies and they both want about $20,000 just to connect the wires. Is that normal? Can […]

Solar Panels Required, Good Idea or Not?

If all new homes were required to have solar panels installed when built, can you imagine the money savings to the homeowner and the less need of the outside power plants and the environment wins too.

Susie Harrison and her two daughters’ favorite color these days is green. That’s because her new environmentally friendly home […]

What is your opinion…?

Recently I saw an article about ways to help people who have become homeless due to the economy, natural disasters, and war vets that were not able to return into the working force after leaving the military. There were lots of plans and ideas about how to go about it but none of them seem […]

I’m considering getting the type of solar system on my roof which feeds excess energy back into the grid?

No batteries, photovoltaic panels. Need feedback – is it worth it? What are the problems, if any? Thanks It’s a good idea. The main problem is the cost. Figuring the cost and payback is complex and is completely dependent on exactly where you live.

Whether or not it’s "worth it" depends on where you live […]