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Timberland Titan Oxford Titanium Toe (Men’s) – Trail Brown Full Grain

Timberland Titan Oxford Titanium Toe (Men's) - Trail Brown Full Grain

Our lightest workboot features the Powerfit comfort system: Premium full-grain leather for comfort, polyurethane midsole with high-rebound heel insert providing durable cushioning and energy return, nylon diffusion shank for torsional rigidity. With anti-microbial, contoured OrthoLite polyurethane footbed providing durable, resilient cushioning while a molded heel cup cradles the heel, and an Outlast Adaptive Comfort footbed cover which regulates temperature. Featuring a Titanium alloy toe cap for lightweight protection. We use a durable, specially-made rubber compound to offer high slip-resistance, abrasion-resistance and oil-resistance. The result is better traction on all surfaces — mud, wood, work floor or roof. Our workboots with Electrical Hazard Protection meet ANSI Z41 PT99 standards to provide protection from open circuits. Available Colors: Trail Brown Full Grain, Black Smooth Full Grain. 40044.

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