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Swarovski SLC 10×50 WB Binoculars

Swarovski SLC 10x50 WB Binoculars

Handy ergonomic and exceptionally versatile the SLC binoculars by Swarovski Optik are among the most-used binoculars ever. But the SLC series can now offer a multitude of tangible benefits. SLC means an innovative design with improved ergonomics for greater versatility and functionality.Optics:A new external coating for lenses makes it considerably easier to clean objective and ocular lenses. Thanks to improved cleaning the lenses need less intensive attention to achieve maximum clarity. This considerably increases the longevity of optical products. A three-lens objective lens with high light-gathering power for excellent picture quality even in poor light conditions. The unique SWAROBRIGHT prism coating provides optimum color fidelity across the whole light spectrum. The binoculars also feature an optimized roof prism-system with P-coating SWAROTOP & SWARODUR coatings. Very good depth of field. Focusing:Patented central focusing wheel with integrated dioptric correction. Easy to use even with gloves. Close focusing from 4 meters.Ergonomics:New ergonomic design mainly in the bridge area. Rubber armoring made from superior-grade vulcanized rubber. Better weight balance for improved handling. Depressions now on the top side of the binoculars in addition to the tried-and-tested thumb depressions. Weight savings of up to 50 grams. Usability:Separately adjustable twist-in eyecups allow a full field of view even for spectacle wearers. Easily removable for cleaning. New lift carrying strap with rapid adjustment. Rapid and simple length adjustment makes the binoculars extremely comfortable when on a safari or walking.Adjustable to meet individual requirements with a new and simpler attachment to the binoculars.Robustness:Watertight (4 m / 13 ft.) and dustproof due to interior focusing. No fogging due to nitrogen filling. Robust metal housing made of aluminum with full rubber armoring.Extremely robust durable and reliable.

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