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Small Victorian Glass Greenhouse w/Accessories

Small Victorian Glass Greenhouse w/Accessories

The Victorian Glass Greenhouse is a first-class quality greenhouse environment. It also adds significant old fashion English style and beauty to your backyard or garden. This is a classic English greenhouse design with an improved internal growing environment. Features: -7’9″” wide x 10’2″” long x 8’6″” high -79 square feet -Uses only single sheets of glass, instead of the more common overlapping smaller sections -4 mm tempered glass -substantial rubber seals are used for better insulation -Includes gutters with down spouts -6″” high foundation frame is included -2 roof windows -Includes a misting system (customer has to provide a hose to connect to faucet) -One sliding door – can be put in any vertical glass location (front, back or sides) -Overall Dimensions: 102″” H x 122″” W x 93″” D -May purchase additional accessories kit Accessory Kit Features: -One 4″” deep x 20″” wide planting self, -One 4.5″” wide top shelf -2 inside shade cloths (with pull rods) -One extra Automatic Window Opener Manufacturer’s Warranty Janssens of Belgium gives a 10 year warranty on construction faults and materials and is a certified member of the NFVC (National Federation of Veranda Constructors) Helpful Greenhouse Advice About the Manufacturer With more than 57 years of experience, Janssens is one of Belgium’s leading veranda constructors. The company produces mid and top range high-quality verandas, orangeries and summer houses. The essence of the activities is aluminium construction with thermal insulation. Their own profile series is characterized by remarkable stability and insulating values and allows the creative team to construct a veranda that meets the customer’s specific requirements and budget. All Janssens verandas are modern designs in terms of technology, design and functionality and are a major and lasting added value for any house!””

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