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I have a house built in 1989 with engineered trusses. I want to remove 5′ between the living room and kitchen.

There is a 7′ section to the left of where I want to remove the wall that does not have any support under it. Would I be able to remove this 5′ section. It is rather likely that removing a wall under your trussed roof will not be a problem. Generally, no support is needed […]

Are there rectangular trusses and if so how are they different from triangular trusses?

Triangles are the most stable structure in static design.

Rectangle trusses exist but are not as stable as triangular ones.

According to Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Truss "In architecture and structural engineering, a truss is a structure comprising one or more triangular units constructed with straight slender members whose ends are connected at joints referred to as […]

How can we bring solar power energy to our streets?

I was having a debate with my friend about ways to make the environment better and to have a better energy reliance than oil. One idea that was floated was to have every street lamp based on solar power (with backup electrical grid power in case it rains or something) anyway, here was the debate […]

how to solar power for my house and where to get eqipments in India?

Hi, I already have a battery powering by house in case of power outage. I want to connect that battery to solar power so that i can reduce the consuming of electricity and save environment. Where to get equipments and how much will it cost for me? I am from Salem, Tamil Nadu, India. if […]

What do you think of this psychic and her predictions for the next 100 years or so?

Below is are a list of predictions from Slyvia Browne’s website.

What do you think of them?

T H E N E X T 1 0 0 Y E A R S The Next 100 Years 2000 Predictions

1. Eradication of cancer as we know it, using sound waves, photo sensitive drug therapy, […]

What do you think about Tent Cities for Prisoners?

I live in San Antonio, Texas. Some of our elected officials recently went to Phoenix, AZ to check out a "Tent City" they have in their prison system.

The inmates live in tents, No A/C, use Port-o-potties, they get two meals a day, brunch and dinner, not real good food, No television, they rough […]



10’x15′ White Quick-up Canopy (SOLD OUT FOR THE SEASON)

Videolarm PV16N & PV18N PolEvator Lowering Pole

IP Ready – PolEvator Lowering Pole 16’or 18′ Free-standing Aluminum Pole complete with universal mounting plate, Flexible Shaft Lowering Tool, lifting hook, power and data connections and one video input Product Highlights The PolEvator is one of Videolarm’s many products which was developed to meet the needs of the security market. The PolEvator requires […]

Two Worlds

Prepare yourself for an epic RPG! Product Information You are the only person able to unlock the secrets of a dead god’s tomb, and all the forces in the land want your help to seize its power. Will you save the world…or destroy it? Mobility is a big issue in “The Temptation”! Your hero […]